Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Business Intelligence From iTechLine4U Services
Whether you’re building a new business intelligence (BI) program or enhancing your existing BI applications, you need a strategic approach to consolidating, managing and analyzing your data. The BI from iTechLine4U Services provides the answer with vendor-neutral solutions that help you drive predictions, decisions and actions from the executive suite to the front line.

  • Advisory Services that focus on identifying and formulating a BI strategy and roadmap that best meets your enterprise needs and strategic goals.
  • Design and Plan Services to help you design a BI and architecture framework that serves your reporting and analytical needs, while also providing a consistent and integrated view of quantitative and qualitative business information.
  • Implementation Services with an easy-to-navigate framework, and independent validation and testing of all BI application projects built by customer teams or third-party vendors.
  • Manage and Support Services that provide maintenance, production support and administration services, database/tool migration and upgrades from obsolete tools and technologies.